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Technical Questions

Technical Questions


1. How do I change or update my account?

First click "Sign In" at the top of the page. You will be prompted to enter the email address and password you provided when you signed up for membership. Next, click on "My Account." Choose "Update Account." You will need to enter your password again for security. In the "Account Info" tab, you can update your email address and make other changes.

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2. What if I forgot my password?

All passwords are encrypted, which means our technical team cannot get access to your password. To change your password, click "Sign In" at the top of the page. After the sign-in screen loads, click the "Forgot Password" link. You will be prompted to enter the email address you provided when you signed up for membership. Enter your email address and click the "Submit" button. We will send you an email containing a link -- you will need to click that link to change your password.

Note: If you don't receive an email from us to change your password, you might have spam filters enabled. Check your spam folder for the email. Or, you may have entered an email address that is not registered in our database.

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3. How do I subscribe or unsubscribe from newsletters?

Follow the steps from question number 1.

The "Email Subscriptions" tab will allow you to update your preferences by choosing to subscribe or unsubscribe to the newsletters.

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4. Why did I stop receiving newsletters from

If you don't see our newsletters in your inbox, it may have been sent to your spam (or junk) folder.

To avoid this from happening, add our newsletter domain ( to your address book (also called an Approved Senders List). Once you add our newsletter email address to your address book, you should have uninterrupted delivery.

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5. How do I view a PDF?

To view a PDF file, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. To download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free, visit

If you're having trouble viewing clip art, verify that you have Adobe Acrobat Reader properly installed and that you have the most current version of the software.

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6. What are cookies?

Cookies help us identify you as a user and allow us to offer a superior customized and personalized experience for you.

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7. How do I search the site?

To search the site, simply type in a keyword (or words) in the white box at the top of each page. Once you have entered a keyword (or words), click on the orange button that reads "search." If you did not find what you were looking for:

  • Make sure all the words are spelled correctly.
  • Try a different search term or phrase.
  • Put your keywords in quotation marks (For example: "hummingbird cake").
  • Try browsing our most popular search terms.

If you're looking for a recipe:
Type in your keyword (or words), click "Search," and then click the "Recipe" option in the white box above the search results.

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8. How do I search for recipes using the Recipe Finder?

To get to the Recipe Finder:
Click on "Advanced Recipe Search" in the search box at the top of the page.
If you're in the Food, Entertaining, or Holidays section, click on the "Recipe Finder" button, which is the topmost button on the left-hand side of the page.

To search for a recipe with the Recipe Finder:

Type one or more ingredients or keywords into the "Ingredient" search box. Make sure to separate multiple ingredients or keywords with commas.

Narrow your search by checking selections in any of the other categories.

If you're not finding what you're looking for:

Narrow your search further by typing more or different ingredients or keywords into the "Ingredient or Keyword" search box in the Recipe Finder area above the search results.

To make different selections or change your current search, click "Modify Search" in the area above the search results. This will reopen the Recipe Finder, which will be filled with the criteria from your last search, so you can make new selections.

To start over, clear your selections by clicking the "Clear All" button at the bottom of the Recipe Finder.

Note: Selecting too many options will limit your search. If you are not getting enough results, your search may be too narrow. Try using fewer ingredients or keywords or checking fewer selections in the finder.

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9. How do I save a recipe or article?

"Collect" is the term we use to define saving something. When you view an article or recipe, click on "Save" to add that article or recipe to "My Collections," where you can easily retrieve it later.

You must be signed in to do this. If you are not signed in, you will be prompted to enter the email address and password you provided when you signed up for membership.

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10. What are notes and how do I use them?

You can add a private personal note to collected Martha Stewart Weddings articles and recipes. Once you have collected an item, you will see a "Label & Note" button. Clicking "Label & Note " will open a small window with form fields. To save your note, be sure to click the "Submit" button.

You can edit your note as few or as many times as you want. You can always see your note when you return to that article or recipe, or you can see your note in "My Collections."

You must be signed in to add a note. You will not see a "Label & Note" button unless you are signed in and have saved an article or recipe.

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11. What are tags and how do I use them?

Tags help you organize your saved items. They are keywords of labels that you add to articles and recipes to make them easier to find later. You can tag using words or phrases such as "perfect dinner recipe" or "at-home spa tip."

When you're looking for all of your "perfect dinner recipe" items, you can simply click on that tag phrase within "My Collections" and you'll see everything you've tagged as a "perfect dinner recipe." Separate tags with commas or quotation marks. You can enter the tags as "perfect dinner recipe", "at-home spa tip". You can also enter the tags. Both will yield the same tags.

You must be signed in to add tags to saved articles and recipes. Tags are public. This allows you to share your organized articles and recipes with other users.

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12. How do I add comments and who can see them?

Once you are logged in to the site, you may comment on any recipe or article. At the bottom of each item, you will see a button labeled "Add a comment." Type your text into the box and hit "Submit." Your comments should display shortly.

Note: Comments are public and will be visible to anyone viewing the page.

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13. How do I share my favorite things from

We've made it easy to share everything on our site with on your social networks. At the top of every item, you will see a button labeled "Facebook: Share This." To post an item to Facebook, click on the button: you will find a text box to add a comment or description to your post. Once you have completed the entry, click the "Post to Facebook" button.

You will also see options to post these items to other social networking sites like Twitter, Yahoo! Buzz, Google, and Stumble! below the Facebook button.

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14. Where can I find clip-art projects online?

There are more than 100 archived clip-art craft templates available for download at

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15. How do I find articles, recipes, or projects from a magazine?

Not all articles and recipes are accessible online. If you are seeking a particular article, recipe, or project that isn't online, we recommend visiting your local library to find a back issue.

You may also want to check out our Shop to find Martha Stewart books and DVDs, or
Contact Us to order back issues of our magazines.

To find an article or recipe online, you can use our site-wide search feature to search by keyword (or words). Type what you are searching for into the white box at the top of the page and click "search." Matches will load. In some cases, the issue date in which the article, recipe, or project you desire will be included in the matches.

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16. What if I have a question about

Please visit the Frequently Asked Questions section of to find answers.

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17. How can I best view,, and

Our sites can be viewed on the following supported browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox v3.6 and above, Internet Explorer v9 and above, and Safari v4.0 and above. If you are using older versions of these browsers, please update to the latest version to best experience our sites.

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18. Can I browse on a mobile device?

Yes. can be viewed across myriad tablet and handheld devices, but is best experienced on an Apple device running iOS 5 or later, or an Android device running Android 3 or later. We regularly test our site on the following devices:

  • Apple iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone.
  • Android Phones of various makes and models.
  • Android Tablets, such as the Amazon Kindle and Nook Color.

If you are having trouble viewing the site on your particular mobile device, please use this link to email us with a description of the problem, the device you have, and the operating system you are running.

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