After a hiatus last year, America's favorite Valentine's Day candy has returned to store shelves—and the company is bringing back two original flavors.

By Better Homes & Gardens
January 17, 2020
Credit: patty_c/Getty

Last year, we had to celebrate Valentine's Day without our favorite holiday treat: Because of a change in manufacturer, Sweetheart conversation hearts weren't available in 2019. But today candy lovers received good news: Spangler Candy Co. confirmed that the heart-shape confections are back on shelves.

In 2018, The New England Confectionery Company (more commonly referred to as "Necco"), announced they would be closing their doors and no longer producing the classic Sweetheart candies. That September, Spangler Candy Co. purchased the Sweetheart brand but didn't have enough time to make and package the conversation hearts before Valentine's Day 2019.

While the brand had originally stated they planned to release the hearts again in 2020, we hadn't seen any on shelves so far. But today, Spangler spokeswoman Diana Moore Eschhofen confirmed that the hearts are back in stores—but in limited supply.

"We're beyond excited to bring Sweethearts back this year in limited quantities. It has been an adventure to get these favorite Valentine candies back in production," Eschhofen says. "Even though we knew we wouldn't be able to meet all the consumer demand for 2020, we committed to moving forward to avoid another year without Sweethearts on the store shelves."

Because of the limited supply, she encourages the public to shop early and get their boxes before the holiday rush. The company plans to return to normal production rates in 2021.

Eschhofen explained that the hearts will be available at most nationwide drugstores (like Walgreens and CVS), but they won't have as many messages printed on them. The phrases "you rock" and "love me" won't be in circulation this year, but you can expect to see some of the classics, including "true love" and "say yes." You'll also be tasting new flavors: Years ago, Necco changed the original recipe for the hearts. After purchasing the company, Spangler located the original, 118-year-old recipe in the archives and used it to bring back the flavors of banana and wintergreen.

The candies are on shelves now, so head to the nearest location to grab your supply before they're gone.


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