lilola home lucca linen reversible sofa light grey

No One Will Believe This Chic Sleeper Sofa Has Tons of Hidden Storage Underneath

"Easily one of my favorite furniture purchases."
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Anyone who lives in a small home knows that having storage space is critical. The best way to get even more of it without breaking down a wall? Just look for versatile furniture, like a sofa with storage hidden underneath. If you've been searching for a sleeper sofa that's actually in stock and will arrive in just a few days, check out the Lilola Home Lucca Linen Sleeper Sectional Sofa that's on Amazon and is less than $700. 

By now, you have probably noticed that furniture, especially couches, are in short supply. And when you do end up buying one, it likely won't arrive at your home until the end of the year. Luckily, the Lilola sleeper sectional is just one option on Amazon that's in stock and ready to make its way to your home at an affordable price. 

lilola home lucca linen reversible sleeper sectional sofa steel grey
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Shop Now: Lilola Home Lucca Linen Sleeper Sectional Sofa, $683.23,

The "small, but mighty" sectional sleeper sofa has a classy and soft linen exterior, which is a material known for its breathability and durable strength. And upholstered linen sofas are pretty much the cream of the crop—especially during warmer months. With a sturdy wooden frame and a pretty cushioned armrest, the sleeper sofa also has a bit of stylish flair.  

Shoppers are absolutely obsessed with the sleeper sofa, calling it the "perfect space saver" for more reasons than one. First of all, it has a compact footprint, making it ideal for smaller homes. Plus, it has tons of hidden storage space under the adjustable chaise, where you can put anything from blankets and throw cushions to clothes. Hey, some apartments just don't have the closet space! 

The sofa also can be used as a bed when guests come over (or even a main bed, if you have a studio). The Lilola sofa is "extremely easy" to pull out from a sectional to a full-on bed. And shoppers say it feels "amazing" to sleep on. 

The sleeper sofa has a firm feel at first that's expected to get softer over time. Reviewers confirm that the couch provides great support and say it's "firm on the bottom" and is "plush with support for the back." One person says for that pillow-like feel, they added extra cushions.  

"This sofa is a lot more comfortable than I thought it would be," writes one Amazon shopper. "It is so easy to use. The storage space is HUGE! Definitely works super well in our very tiny house and even though it looks small, it definitely doesn't feel like it when you sit on it, it is very comfortable!"

"Easily one of my favorite furniture purchases," writes another reviewer. "This couch is nice and firm, but comfortable. The pull-out bed is VERY EASY to take out and put away. It's definitely big enough for three adults, it looks great, and the fabric seems like it will hold up well."

You can get the Lilola Home sleeper sectional in dark gray and sand color options. But don't wait too long since furniture products are selling fast! Get it starting at $684 right now. 

lilola home lucca linen reversible sofa light grey
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Shop Now: Lilola Home Lucca Linen Sleeper Sectional Sofa, $681.46,