A tiny miracle.
A rare albino hummingbird spotted in Alabama backyard
Credit: Deborah Aldridge

Now here's something you don't see every day!

An incredible video shared by meteorologist James Spann shows what appears to be an exceedingly rare albino hummingbird enjoying a snack in Alabama.

The video (below) taken by Deborah Aldridge shows the tiny bird flitting between feeders in a Cordova backyard.

There are two types of white hummingbirds: Leucistic and albino. Leucistic, or "partial white" hummingbirds are more common. These birds have black eyes, bills, and feet and their feathers can be white to beige.

An albino hummingbird on the other hand, has pure white feathers along with pink eyes, bill, and feet. According to Hummingbird Central, these avian wonders are very rare, and are the result of a genetic mutation that stops the creation of any dark pigment.

This tiny creature isn't the first bird with a genetic anomaly to make headlines in Alabama. Thousands have been following the life of one-in-million yellow cardinal nicknamed Mister Yellow since he was spotted in the Birmingham suburb of Alabaster in February 2019.

Keep those eyes peeled, y'all! You never know what kind of amazing creature could show up in your backyard.


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