A recent study analyzed the most-used decorating hashtags to determine the top styles across the country.

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A large area rug opens up this living room.

With more than 89 million #interiordesign posts, Instagram is one of the best sources of inspiration for home decorating ideas. The huge variety of style-specific tags, such as #midcenturymodern or #industrialstyle, lets you explore your favorite design trend and gather ideas for your own room refreshes from homeowners and designers across the country (or the globe). A recent study by Angie's List used Instagram hashtags and location data to determine the most popular interior design aesthetic in each state. And according to the results, Americans can't get enough of the serene coastal living style.

A coastal-style living room with bright white furniture and turquoise accents.
Credit: Kim Cornelison

The researchers analyzed over 51,000 Instagram posts tagged with 10 popular interior design hashtags including: #bohodecor, #coastalliving, #cottagestyle, #industrialstyle, #midcenturymodern, #modernhome, #rusticdecor, #scandinaviandesign, #shabbychic, and #traditionalhome. Pulling location tags from the posts, they used the number of photos under each hashtag to establish the preferred style in each state.

Coastal decor reigned supreme across the country, with 18 states using #coastalliving more than any other hashtag. Mostly located along the East Coast, the states that favor coastal style all share a border with the sea, so it's clear that many Instagram users draw inspiration for their homes from their surroundings.

rustic-style living area
A living room designed with rustic elements, including wood-paneled walls, a stone fireplace, and leather furniture.
| Credit: Tria Giovan Photography, Inc.

Similarly, states in mountainous regions, including Wyoming and Montana, prefer the nature-inspired aesthetic of #rusticdecor. The second-most popular style, however, was mid-century modern, which represented the top tag in 16 states, including much of the Midwest and West Coast. North Dakota and Vermont, on the other hand, are singular in their design styles of choice. Vermonters can't get enough of the cozy warmth from #cottagestyle, while North Dakotans prefer the eclectic look of #bohodecor.

boho style bedroom
A boho-style bedroom with mixed patterns and colors.
| Credit: Kim Cornelison

Overall, Californians seem to be the most interior design-obsessed Instagram users: The researchers counted more than 10,000 uses of their chosen hashtags from the state. That's more than double the second-place state, Florida, who used about 4,600 style hashtags. At the bottom of the list, South and North Dakotans are evidently least interested in tagging photos of their homes on social media, with only 42 and 38 uses of the hashtags, respectively.

To see how your favorite style stacks up across the country, check out the full breakdown. Then head to Instagram to scroll through some interior design inspiration or post your own #instahome photo.


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