mugs made with Cricut mug press

Make Your Own Custom Mugs with This New Cricut Machine

The new mug press will help you create fun and personalized gifts for everyone you know.
By Emily VanSchmus
Updated May 19, 2021
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I love making and giving homemade gifts. I start working on my holiday gifts in the summer so I have time to craft a gift for everyone on my Christmas list. This year I wasn't sure what my signature DIY gift would be—but then I picked up the new Cricut Mug Press, and I already know I'll be making mugs for everyone I know. 

If you haven't heard about the new machine yet, here's how it works: First, you create a custom design in Cricut Design Space (it's free to use). You can create anything you like: A text design, a cut-out illustration of a pet, or an abstract pattern—there are unlimited possibilities! It's also a great opportunity to create a personalized item for friends or family members with unique names (who can't often find store-bought personalized items) or a nickname.

Then, choose a color of infusible ink ($5, and use a regular Cricut cutting machine to cut out your custom design. The Cricut Joy ($149, is the perfect size for this project, but you can use any of the Cricut machines.

mug press and mugs
Credit: Courtesy of Cricut

Once you've created and cut your design, you'll place it on a blank ceramic mug and insert the whole thing into the mug press. The press heats up, sealing the design on to the mug, which is ready in about six minutes. Once you remove the mug and let it cool, the design will stay permanently (it's even dishwasher safe!).

And while the machine is expensive (it retails for around $185), you can use it to make as many mugs as you like—forever. Whether they're Christmas presents, an addition to Mother's Day breakfast in bed, or a sweet birthday surprise, these custom mugs will help you give the perfect gift, every time.

Here are all the products you'll need to create your own custom mug gifts.

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ceramic heart mug
Credit: Courtesy of Michaels

Ceramic Mugs

The first thing you'll need for this project is a blank mug. This set of six 12-ounce white ceramic mugs fit perfectly into the mug press, so you can customize them however you like. 

Shop Now: 12-Ounce Ceramic Mugs, $20 for six,

infusible ink transfer sheets
Credit: Courtesy of Cricut

Cricut Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets

The infusible ink is what you'll cut into a design to place on your mug. It comes in 10 different colors and patterns that'll help you customize your mugs even more. It's only $5, and depending on the size of your designs, you can create several mug designs from one sheet. 

Shop Now: Cricut Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets, $5,

circut mug press
Credit: Courtesy of Cricut

Cricut Mug Press

The mug press is super easy to use: Once you've attached the infusible ink, just place the mug inside, push the button, and let the machine do the rest! It comes with all the cords and instructions you'll need to get started. 

Shop Now: Cricut Mug Press, $185,