The lifestyle guru shared her large pantry on Instagram and said she plans to donate some items she doesn't need.
Martha Stewart stirring pot
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For Martha Stewart, organizing her pantry was similar to treasure hunting.

On Thursday, Stewart shared a photo of the "savory portion" of her pantry, which she spent the entire day cleaning out, editing and organizing. During her cleaning spree, Stewart discovered a surplus of cooking essentials.

"It's more useful now I know where everything is—I know what I have and what I do not have," she wrote on Instagram. So what does Stewart have? Well, to start, she has 47 types of salt and at least 27 types of olive oil, most of which are sealed, "thank goodness," she said.

She also is stocked with numerous kinds of vinegar, pasta, hot sauce, and barbecue sauce; countless Asian ingredients for Japanese, Chinese and Thai recipes; and of course many bottles of liquor and liqueurs specifically for cooking and baking. "The serious stuff is in the wine cellar for parties or in the freezer for mixing drinks," she added.

What doesn't Stewart have a lot of? The answer is dried beans. She found only one tiny jar of garbanzo beans. "I don't use very many dried beans," she explained.

Though the organization process was a huge undertaking, Stewart said the clean out didn't make her feel as good as she thought she would—but still, nobody better disturb her pantry. "If anyone messes this up I will be really really pissed!!" she joked.

With such a surplus of items, Stewart plans on giving away some supplies to the men who work on her farm. She said all the duplicates and discards will be delivered to them and their families soon.

Stewart isn't the only celebrity giving an inside look into her pantry. Rachael Ray recently shared a tour of her home kitchen and pantry, and it was impressive, albeit messy.

Ray's massive massive pantry is filled to the brim with cookware, spices, and olive oils, just to name a few items. The space may appear cluttered, but Ray assures she knows where everything is. "It's daunting, but I understand it," she said. "It's like a desk with too many papers for some people, but they know where everything is."

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