Who knew Mt. Crumpit had such charm?
grinch music room
Credit: Courtesy of Vacasa

Ready for some news that will have your heart growing three sizes today? Vacasa and Dr. Seuss Enterprises have teamed up to rent out the Grinch's famous cave for overnight stays. While the Grinch escapes to an unknown destination far, far away from the holiday hoopla, guests can stay in his iconic dwelling located high above Who-ville for a Christmas experience unlike any other. 

Located at 1957 Mt. Crumpit Drive, just outside Boulder, Utah, the Grinch's lair consists of a 5,700 square-foot multilevel carved-out cave, complete with everything you need to celebrate the holidays in Grinchy style.

grinch home exterior
Credit: Courtesy of Vacasa

You can make glorious melodies in a music room with the Grinch's famous pipe organ and Max's drum set. Unwind in the study that features plenty of books and a chess table. There's also a master bedroom where the Grinch keeps his green furry pants (though he requests they not be touched), a guest bedroom, and two bathrooms. There's even a kitchen stocked with roast beast, Who-pudding, and an emergency stash of Who-hash. Did somebody say feast?

grinch library
Credit: Courtesy of Vacasa
grinch bathroom
Credit: Courtesy of Vacasa
grinch's bed
Credit: Courtesy of Vacasa
grinch pantry of food
Credit: Courtesy of Vacasa
grinch board
Credit: Courtesy of Vacasa

Basically, the Grinch has everything you need to kick back and relax while you plot a way to rescue Christmas from his Grinchy green hands. Just don't expect any WiFi or TVs. A fancy coffee machine, however, he can supply. 

Want to hear the best part of this time-honored tale? To commemorate the original book release date of "How the Grinch Stole Christmas," the home's nightly rate is only $19.57. Just don't dilly dally when making a reservation. The Grinch will only be away from December 13-23. Reservations open December 3 at 9 a.m. PT. 

This is one Christmas "steal" you don't want to miss out on!


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