'Tis the season to do good, and we recently found one of the easiest ways to give back to your community.

By Better Homes & Gardens
December 16, 2019
packages at front door
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If you're like us, you've been taking advantage of online holiday sales and last-minute deals—and now the deliveries are starting to roll in. We often don't think about how these packages make their way to our doorsteps, but during the holidays there are thousands of postal workers and delivery drivers working overtime to make sure your boxes arrive by Christmas. Over the last few weeks, we've seen several posts from people who gave their delivery drivers some extra love, and this is one social media trend we can wholeheartedly support.

When it comes to holiday tipping etiquette, postal workers can get overlooked—but they deserve a little extra appreciation during the busy season. For each Amazon package that arrives on your doorstep, another person had to load and unload your box onto a truck, drive to your home, and carry it to your front door—oftentimes, in freezing temperatures. Last December, the USPS alone delivered almost 16 billion pieces of mail, with many workers continuing to deliver on Christmas Day. As a thank you, people around the country have been leaving boxes filled with snacks, drinks, and other treats for the workers who deliver to their homes.

If you've been hitting the "add to cart" button more than usual—or if you're looking for another service to include in your DIY acts of kindness Advent calendar—consider putting a box together this season. These are a few of our favorite ideas.

DIY Snack Bucket

Emily from Queen B Home puts together a snack bucket for her postal workers every year. She's the one who inspired us to jump on the trend. Her bucket is filled with individual bags of chips and bottled water—all things that won't spoil or melt in warmer temperatures. We love how she used a galvanized metal tub for her display; it can be an easy way to incorporate the snack bucket into your existing holiday front porch decor. If you want to recreate the look for your own porch, she offers a printable version of her sign so you can get started right away.

Sweet Treats

We love how Traci used festive Christmas baskets for this display of sweet treats. If you want to include candy for your delivery men and women, consider something like Twizzlers or hard candies that won't melt as quickly as traditional chocolate bars. She also included individual packs of crackers and salty snacks, for those who may want something less sweet.

Tidings of Joy

Long hours call for a cold caffeinated drink—and that's exactly what Trina included in this festive display. Her bucket of sodas, snacks, and candy bars is accompanied by an envelope marked with the name of each type of mail carrier she was expecting. Inside the USPS, UPS, and FedEx envelopes, she included a card as an extra way of saying "thank you" during the busy season. While USPS workers aren't allowed to accept cash, checks, or gift cards other types of delivery drivers may be able to accept cash tips for their efforts.


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