You, too, can turn your living room into a jungle oasis.

By Better Homes & Gardens
January 30, 2020
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A monstera in the den, a philodendron in the kitchen, maybe a pilea in the powder room: Scattering your houseplants piecemeal throughout the house is a natural way to spread out the leafy love. But like all decorating, there's strength in numbers and lately, more and more rooms dedicated solely to plant babies are popping up on Instagram and Pinterest. The idea of an indoor garden room isn't necessarily a new one (plantfluencers like Justina Blakeney, Summer Rayne Oakes, and Hilton Carter have been filling their entire homes with hundreds of plants for years). You don't have to go all-out jungle to achieve the look that is one of Pinterest's top 10 home trends for 2020; if you don't have an extra bedroom or sunroom to spare, no worries—here are easy ways to turn a sunny section of any room into a lush getaway.

desk decorated with plants
Credit: Courtesy of Adam Albright

Start Slow with Succulents

Some people may be born with a green thumb, and somehow, have no trouble keeping everything alive. And then, there are those who end up with more crispy plants than they care to admit. If you're fearful of killing your adopted buds, consider starting with a variety of succulents. Not only are they easy to care for (and keep alive!), but with a plethora of shapes, sizes, and colors, they add eye-catching dimension and texture to your space.

Think Vertically with Hanging Plants

If you're lucky enough to have high ceilings, hanging planters with long, trailing stems can emphasize the grandiose size of your space. For example, check out this bright nook in the home of Toronto-based Fiona Watt from @theapartmentlife, captured by Janet Kwan. In addition to several potted plants of various sizes, the hanging planter with floor-to-ceiling pothos vines gives the whole space a distinctly tropical, jungle-like feel.

Get the Look: If you're Team Macrame, you'll love this gorgeous white hanging planter ($27.49, that's sans-metal. Install a hook into your ceiling or wall, fill with a plant, and watch it grow.

Match Plants to Growing Conditions

Pay close attention to the light requirements of the plants you choose for your indoor garden room so you can make sure they get what they need to thrive. Place the sun lovers as close to a window as possible, and stash the plants that can tolerate lower light levels into the nooks that aren't as bright. That's how Amanda Rae Wright managed to fill this lounge space from floor to ceiling. She used a mix of hanging vines, cacti, and tons of gorgeous tropicals in just the right spots to take advantage of all available light.

Get the Look: This two-pack planter stand ($39.99, can be adjusted to various heights, allowing you to choose whatever works for your space. And, it also gives you permission to change your preference over time.

Accentuate Plants with Accessories

Botanical artwork, fabrics, and other materials can enhance the garden-esque feel of any plant-filled room. For example, self-proclaimed plant lover Elena Morozv used throw pillows featuring lush leaves to echo the living foliage in the room. Even the white string lights mimic the vining stems of the pothos on the shelf.

Get the Look: This set of four pillow covers ($16.99, will help transform your couch into a monstera-print jungle.

plants in a sunlit room with chairs for relaxing
Credit: Courtesy of Stacy Zarin Goldberg Photography LLC

Create a Living Wall with Open Shelves

Sure, shelves are great for storing your favorite books and showing off knick-knacks, but they also can become the foundation of a simple living wall. You can pack in the pots as much as you like, and they're easy to swap out with new plants whenever you want. In addition to helping you fill your garden room with even more greenery, shelves make it easier to admire the variety of leaf shapes and sizes at eye level.

Get the Look: This wooden plant shelf ($46.99, that has the right spot for every pot.


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