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By Travel + Leisure
January 02, 2020

If you're headed out on a long flight, a supportive travel pillow is a carry-on must-have. There are plenty of uniquely-shaped travel pillows on the market for every type of seat sleeper, but this ergonomic option from Bullbird has caught our attention because of its compact size and high tech design.

The BR2 Travel Pillow from Bullbird ($42, is a space-saving, neck-supporting travel pillow that is designed to correct posture and support spinal alignment so you can sleep better on the plane and feel better once you land. The ergonomically designed frame provides suspension for your head and aligns your neck, drastically improving the comfort of an airplane seat.

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In addition to its high tech design, the BR2 pillow is also impressively compact. It can easily fit in a backpack or carry-on without adding extra bulk. The pillow itself is made from a tri-blend memory foam and the fabric wicks away moisture.

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Amazon shoppers have raved about this unique travel pillow. "As a flight attendant, I am traveling often! And as someone who frequently gets headaches, I have been constantly searching for something to keep my head/neck in line when sitting in an airplane seat. I hoped this would be my solution! I have been VERY happy with my purchase," one reviewer wrote.

Another shopper commented on the handy ability to customize the pillow. "The pillow itself is comfortable and the best part is that you can adjust the support by flipping it over."

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