Nativity Scene.

An original set of Christmas ornaments of the Holy Family.Each piece is different,as you can see it includes Jesus parents, Jesus,and the three Kings 8!pieces. Mexican style .Handmade by Peruvian artisans using ancient techniques and a unique style dating from the Colonial Period. Using local clay and natural paints. It is style by hand and all the details are also hand painted, giving a special finish to an awesome product. 2"1/2 approx. Remember to visit our website www.zoeartsncrafts.com * As all of these products are handmade, expect minimal variations between models . ** Shipped through USPS First Class Mail. *** Orders take up to 2 days to proceed, after which they take between 2-5 days to be delivered. So, please, order in advance. **** If you are interest in wholesale please contac us.