Zevro KCH-06146 Indispensable Designer Dry Food Dispenser, Dual Control, Stainless Steel, Silver

Zevro's Designer Edition Portion Control Double Dry Food Dispenser features an attractive, modern design with a stainless steel base that is a match for any kitchen. Each dispenser holds 17.5 ounces of dry food. It is airtight and able to preserve freshness for up to 45 days, which means less food wasted. It is suitable for dry foods such as cereal, oatmeal, candy, granola, nuts, beans, rice and more. The dispensers as-needed dispensing keeps food both sanitary and germ-free. This food dispenser is ideal for parents as it promotes growing independence as children learn to serve themselves or for people living a healthy or weight conscious lifestyle. To use, simply place a bowl under the spout and twist the knob. The unit's portion-control system uses a soft, flexible paddle wheel that won't crush cereal, reduces messy spills, and dispenses a measured amount with each twist--about an ounce. Kids will enjoy turning the knob and watching cereal fall perfectly into their bowls, and parents can be assured that kids won't be spilling cereal all over the kitchen counter. Dimensions: 6.5” D x 14.3” W x 15” H.