Yummy Home - Indulgence Vanilla Chilli & Cream 20Cl Candle

Indulgence. Our sensual combination of indulgent and rich flavours creates a beautiful aroma to enhance your mood and leave you feeling warm and satisfied. Seductive. Evocative. Create a space for yourself, savouring hours of beautiful lingering aroma, enjoying the captivating glow of the candle with the release of gentle fragrance oils. Every aspect of a Yummy Home candle is chosen not only for the best burning experience but to be kind, natural and ethical. Our home represents who we are, it's our sanctuary, our safe place and it should be filled with love and care. The smell of vanilla is known to directly impact the brain and induce calmness. 100% plant wax, cotton wicks, glass jars and fully recyclable packaging. 0% paraffin, mineral and lead. Yummy Home candles fit effortlessly into the most modern, design-conscious interior whilst contributing to a healthy, happy home. Cruelty free, vegan friendly and made in Britain. Usage tips: Trim the wick before each use to 5-7mm to avoid mushrooming. Burn the candle long enough for the wax pool to reach the edge to avoid tunnelling and maximise the longevity of your candle. Ingredients: 100% plant wax (soy & rapeseed blend) with gentle fragrance oils.