Yenny Cocq Design

"We are Bound by Love" Family of 4 - Yenny Cocq Design Loving People Bronze Collectible Figurines

Now you can own an original bronze sculpture from the new Yenny Cocq Design line "Loving People". Exquisitely finished bronze collectible figurines express their loving bond with simple universally understood body language. Celebrate life, honor anniversaries, keep birthdays, and weddings. Have fun communicating non-verbally with your family members. Play with each figure's position to give voice to unspoken feelings and moods. Begin your collection with individual pieces, pairs, or families of three or four, as sold exclusively on Amazon Handmade ( Over time, keep collecting as "Angel", "Fantasy", and "Pet" figurines are added to the "Loving People" design line. The dad figure is slightly smaller than 4" tall the kids 3". Please request a custom order if you want the figures permanently mounted on a natural stone base. The extra charge is $40.