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Sweet Pea Madeleines , Sweet & Spicy Scent - Yankee Candle

Delicate madeleines drizzled with a sweet icing made of citrus zest, powdered sugar, and a touch of cardamom.Fragrance Notes:Top: Citrus Zest, Almond ExtractMid: Sweet Pea Petals, CardamomBase: Powdered Sugar, VanillaTop note is the initial impression of the fragrance, middle note is the main body of the scent, and base is its final impression. About Medium Perfect Pillar Candles: With a straight-sided, modern design, Perfect Pillar Candles complement any home decor. Enjoy your favorite fragrances in a glass pillar that always looks elegant -- either with other sizes in a candlescape, or as a stand-alone accent. Premium quality ingredients create distinctive true-to-life scents Lab-tested to ensure the appropriate strength and consistency Wicks made with 100% natural fibers Burn Time: 80 to 110 hours.