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Taper Candle Xodus Innovations

Do you want the warmth of candles glowing in your windows but are afraid of setting the drapes on fire? Trying to add a touch of elegant candlelight to your dinner party but don’t want to drip wax on your best table runner? The LED taper candles provide realistic flickering candlelight in a wireless, flameless, LED candle. Each package of taper candles includes two complete candle kits: two 12 inch tall ivory taper candles, two plastic candles sticks in a polished brass finish, and two window clips to securely support the candles on any windowsill. And if you don’t want to use the included candlesticks, the taper candles include a soft rubber foot that allows the candle to fit snugly into any of your own favorite candlesticks. Turn the candles on by twisting it and it brightens with a realistically flickering flame. If you leave the candle on it will continue to provide a warm glow for six hours, shut itself off to conserve power, then automatically turn on again at the same time it was lit the day before to continue for another six hours. Looking for some warm and inviting flameless window candles to add to your holiday décor, but don’t want to have to run around to each one and turn them on every day? Look no further. Three AA’s in the battery powered taper candle provide up to 300 hours of light. That’s 50 days of use in automatic mode, or Thanksgiving through the end of Christmas Break if you’re thinking about your holiday decorating plans. With no unsightly cords taking up valuable outlets these wireless candles can be placed anywhere in your home. And thanks to the use of LEDs instead of an open flame or delicate incandescent bulb, flameless candles are, hands down, the safest way to bring candlelight into your home, especially around children and pets. We pride ourselves on offering attractive and versatile products to our customers, and from windowsills to dinner tables and mantel pieces to centerpieces, the LED taper candle fits the bill Xodus Innovations read more