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My Lebanese Cookbook, 2Nd Generation

This is a cookbook of family recipes first collected around 2008, when Sity and I got together to cook and discuss all the meals she usually made for our family. It was so fun to spend time with her, and I really wanted to find a way to recreate all the meals exactly her way. The process was tricky because Sity would smile and say, "Season to taste" or "Cook until it's done." We would laugh, and I would try to figure out an exact measurement to write down. I wanted Sity and my memories of her to live forever. In the last few years, I cooked the same recipes with my dad, my aunt, and my uncle and learned so much! They have special knowledge about the dishes that I could only figure out when I observed directly. In this second-generation cookbook, I was able to take Sity's methods and add the advice and techniques her kids have developed. Now we can cook the meals we love in a way that fits our lifestyle. The recipes make large quantities-enough for everyone and the freezer-and cooking together is a fun family treat.