Theo’s Sweet & Sassy Cuisine

The inspiration for the book originated from our family's restaurant, Theo's Southern Style Cuisine and the title is from one of our award-winning sauces (Sweet & Sassy). The author captures her family's journey from South Georgia to upstate New York and shares the family's relationship and legacy with food. Readers can enjoy a savory slice of our history with food and sample recipes created by a family of cooks, bakers, chefs and candy makers. Our heritage includes entrepreneurs and business owners that have sowed the seeds as farmers and gardeners so the next generations could enjoy the harvest. Theo's Sweet & Sassy Cuisine is not just another cookbook, but a cohesive collection of culinary experiences to share our love and legacy with food. The author highlights the upstate New York region to increase the awareness of an area that is unknown by some outside the state. Whenever New York is mentioned, many people automatically assume New York City. My desire is to change that perception since there is so much to experience in the state. The author encourages readers to step outside of their comfort zone and explore other cultures, using food as the common bond. The exchange of cultures brings people together and diversity is what makes communities stronger.