X-ACTO X2006W24 Designer Series Decorative Metal Ruler, 12-Inch

Designer labels aren't just for handbags anymore. At X-ACTO we gave traditional tools a sharp new spin with our new Designer Series, so you can craft with both precision and style. The X-ACTO Designer Series 12-Inch Metal Ruler is the perfect ruler for all your paper crafting needs. Use the ruler to exactly measure your scrapbook page layouts. Create precision cuts as you use it with the X-ACTO Designer Series Craft Knife. Simply align the ruler with where you would like to cut, then run the X-ACTO knife along the edge of the ruler to achieve a perfect cut. Since the ruler is made of stainless steel, the ruler will never get nicked by the X-ACTO blade. This durable ruler features an English and metric scale etched on both sides and the 12-Inch length is great for 8-1/2 by 11-Inch paper and standard scrapbooking pages. Trusted by craftsmen, moms, students, and professionals alike, X-ACTO has provided precision cutting excellence for over 75 years with a reputation for delivering the highest quality. With this rich history, it is no surprise that X-ACTO products surpass all expectations for precision quality, style and comfort.