World Menagerie

Elouise 33' x 20.5" Flower 3D Embossed Wallpaper World Menagerie Color: Turquoise

A pretty mint and pastel blue are arranged in a lively patchwork print. This delightful wallpaper shimmers ever so delicately while happy florals add an invigorating and fun touch. Awaken walls in a patchwork of playful florals that seem to bloom by the minute. This boho wallcovering has both depth and charm, making a stylish impression wherever it may reside. Bring a multi-dimensional look to walls with this free-spirited wallcovering. Tiny florals dance to their own beat, creating a design that can change form from up close to far away. Invigorate decor in this refreshing palette of captivating blues and warm, friendly greens. A playful floral meadow is arranged in a pretty patchwork design on this free-spirited wallcovering. Dreamy pink and purple hues give it a girly touch that shimmers ever so lightly with metallic ink accents. World Menagerie Color: Turquoise