World Menagerie

Dragon and The Pearl Bronze Candleholder World Menagerie

World Menagerie, in association with National Geographic, searches the world to work directly with the finest artisan designers. Kinabalu, the dragon from Borneo, clutches a precious pearl in this candleholer made by Sukaenah. Legend states that Kinabalu guarded a precious pearl, desired by the Chinese emperor who sent Wee Ping and Wee San to retrieve it. Wee San decided to wait for the dragon to leave for food and replace the pearl with a look alike. However, the dragon was not fooled and went after the brothers, who were now on their ship. As the dragon approached, Wee San ordered the cannon to be fired at him. Kinabalu, thinking it was his precious pearl, swallowed the cannon ball and died. Wee Ping felt left out of the whole adventure and took credit for the idea, claiming that he, not his brother, managed to steal it from the dragon. Wee San wanted no more trouble over the silly pearl, so he said nothing, left China, and eventually became the happy leader of the Brunei. Wee Ping was not so lucky, for his lies brought him nothing but sorrow. World Menagerie