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Bar Keepers Friend Coffee Maker Descaler by World Market

Coffee Makers -Remove mineral buildup from your coffee maker and keep your coffee tasting just right with this specialty descaler. Unsightly mineral scale affects the water temperature and flow of your automatic coffee maker or espresso machine, but descaling once a month will help the coffee maker's heating element stay in pristine condition. A family-owned company since 1882, Bar Keepers Friend is the cleaning product brand trusted by professional cleaners. Also could be used for kitchen cleaning,kitchen tools,kitchen supplies,cleaning products,cleaning items,housekeeping,house cleaning,cleaning supplies,washing,making coffee,coffee accessories,drinking coffee,kitchen,kitchen items,kitchen tools,brewing,morning,drip coffee,slow brew,automatic coffee,manual coffeemaker,cleaning coffee maker,cleaning mugs,cleaning thermos,kitchen cleaner,descaling,descale,bkf. By Cost Plus World Market.598161