World Market

Astor Moodibar Wired Iced Latte Milk Chocolate Bar Set of 4 by World Market

Food And Drink -Crafted with creamy milk chocolate, this tasty bar is complete with a delicious iced-latte filling. It's a decadent pick-me-up for those midday energy dips. Family-owned since 1950, Astor uses only gourmet Belgian chocolate to make their artisan confections. Also could be used for food,sweets,treats,candy bar,hard candy,chewy candy,chocolate,dark chocolate,milk chocolate,cocoa,snacks,candy bar,chocolate candy bar,chocolate bar,mini chocolates,chocolate bar,candy bar,moodibar,mood,astor,holiday candy,holiday chocolate,chocolate gift,bag of chocolates,holiday gift,stocking stuffer,christmas gift,dark chocolate with coffee,wired moodibar,kosher candy,kosher chocolate,iced latte moodibar. By Cost Plus World Market.595904