Woolite 5 Pack Swivel Neck Hangers, Good for Blouses, Pants, Dresses, White White

A versatile, heavyweight plastic clothes hanger, perfect for all your garments in a 5-piece value pack. Features a unique rod hook that swivels 360 degrees to hang items easily on any closet rod, towel bar, or over a standard size door. Inset soft rubber grips provide a non-slip surface that holds all types of fabric beautifully in place, especially items like spaghetti straps. Integrated 5 accessory hooks keep garments with thin straps hanging, plus secures coordinating scarves, belts, or ties nicely. A big help in the laundry room, these hangers are also great for air-drying delicates. They are also effective in maximizing closet space, and are sturdy and made to last.