WoodEyes Woodworks

Cherry (w/ Optional Engraving) Magnetic Bottle Opener

Crafted from a slab of sappy cherry and stained with a clear shellac, the Cherry Blossom is a simple, attractive bottle opener that is ever-changing. Due to the properties of cherry, this opener will darken as it ages to an attractive dark amber hue. The three coats of shellac guarantee a durable finish ensuring many years of bottle opening. Fully customize your Cherry Blossom with an opener of your choice. Pictured is our stainless steel mount; however, we also offer a variety of other mounts that range from polished stainless steel to the jet black cavalier! The unit can be mounted directly to your refrigerator (assuming it's not stainless steel) or directly to the wall thanks to the provided hardware and routed groove. It measures a robust 4"wide x 8"tall x 3/4"thick.