Woodcraft City

Spartan Helmet wall art | Molon Labe (COME AND TAKE THEM!) | Hand-painted theme on specially aged wood boards | Personalized with your unique message painted on

Spartan Helmet painting on specially aged pine wood boards. A unique, rustic home decorative, handcrafted in Greece! | Made of individual pieces of wood, each painted and worn out separately. | Wall-mounting ready with natural fiber rope. | Can be PERSONALIZED by painting the wording you want ! The wooden boards are joined together with ropes | Each decorative sign is made to order and uniquely different due to our handmade aging techniques and the nature of wood which provides us with different textures for each piece | We handcraft this piece in two standard sizes but we can adjust it at any size you want, so it will fit perfectly on your wall | SIZES: approx 28'' x 20'' / 40'' x 29'' | CUSTOMIZE YOUR ARTWORK: We can paint any type of Ancient and Medieval Battle Helmets you ask, under our artistic perspective, please let your imagination run wild and EMAIL us. Describe us your idea and we will make a special piece for you only! Thank you for visiting!