Wolf's Full Size Sofa Sleeper Innerspring Mattress

Wolf's Sofa Sleeper mattress is one of the few sofa sleeper mattresses that contains an innersrping unit. Provide your guests with a mattress that provides both support and comfort. Its core is a 3.75", 312 innerspring coil. Covered on both sides with Wolf's own cotton/poly fiber batts and padding to provide added comfort. Mattress is 6" high and will fit most sofa sleepers. Mattress is covered in a quilted stretch knit fabric that provides the ultimate sleeping surface. This sofa sleeper innerspring mattress will arrive in a box for easy shipping and easy installation. Proud to say made by Wolf Corporation, creating Sweet Dreams in America since 1873! Isn't it time that you "Quit Counting Sheep...Sleep with a Wolf?" Features: Core is 3.75", 312 innerspring unit for both support and comfort. Contains Wolf's own fiber products for added comfort. Covered in beautiful stretch knit fabric creating a wonderful sleeping surface. Dimensions: 54" x 72" x 6"