Winston Porter

Meghans Real Preserved Boxwood Monogram Letter Y Tree in Pot Winston Porter

Bring modern style to your home or office with some elegant flair. Constructed of real natural preserved boxwood tied around a wire frame and finished with a rustic terra cotta pot that each letter is "planted" in, each letter is hand assembled to create a great personalized gift. Each letter measures approximately 13" tall with the pot. Great to place on your mantle as a great home decor piece, on your desk in your office or anywhere else where you need to stake your claim. Don't settle for cheap plastic imitation boxwood. Their letters use real boxwood that has been preserved to maintain its original form. Prized for its dense, glossy leaves, boxwood has been used in ornamental gardening since ancient times. These letters are hand shaped from preserved branches that will retain their vibrancy for many holidays to come. All letters are sold individually. Winston Porter