Winston Porter

Cuomhouse Square Wood Picture Frame Winston Porter

This long-lasting frame is designed to hold special memories that mean the most to you and yours. With this day in age, digital tech is booming quick and most of the pictures are forgotten in the phone and social media. However, with this versatile picture frame, which makes it very easy for you to frame according to your style of the room, or to protect and compliment your artwork without overwhelming the art itself. Whether it be a black and white photo, digital print, document, artwork, abstract photos, quotes, etc. It has a thin-border design that gives a minimalist framing, a wide border for a more dramatic and modern feel, and a standard width to define and compliment any and every image. The frame is pre-assembled to make it flexible for you to mix and match your artwork – making this a fun, unique, and special experience. Framing a memory is something all hold dearly, which makes this is a great option for gifts. This is of great quality, cost-effective, and intentionally built to last. Winston Porter