WingIts WMEDTPHPS MODERN Elegance Toilet Paper Holder, Silver

MODERN Elegance Double Toilet Paper Holders are manufactured from 18/8 (304) Stainless Steel with solid stainless standoffs. Contemporary design combines with Patented BridgeBind Technology results in unparalleled strength and unlimited possibilities. BridgeBind Technology is the process of drilling a hole completely through Stainless Steel tubing - inserting a solid Stainless Steel Pin and HeliArc Welding the pin to the far point of the tube solidifying the pin and tube into one piece. Creating the Ultimate Structural Bond. Clean flowing lines, MODERN Elegance Toilet Paper Holders are available in either high polished or satin finishes. High polished, mirror finish" stainless Toilet Paper Holders are far superior to chrome plating. Functionality, Durability, Maintenance free.