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Great Grilling: 200 Tantalizing, Easy-to-Prepare Recipes for Entertaining Betty Crocker Editors Author

Grilling is fast becoming one of the healthiest and most popular ways to cook. Now, America's most trusted name in cooking introduces Betty Crocker's Great Grilling, the authoritative guide to grilling, marinating and barbecuing all year round. Betty Crocker s Great Grilling covers every facet of successful grilling, from selecting the right grill and the right cut of meat or fish to preparing vegetables for grilling and choosing the right side dishes to complement grilled food. It includes 200 easy-to-follow, grill-tested recipes: Caribbean Pork Burger, Orange Tarragon Chicken, and Mussels with Buttery Herb Sauce are just three tasty examples plus meat and poultry rubs, menu suggestions, and those all-important sauce secrets that make grilling a success. Betty Crocker's research shows that 82% of American households now own a grill. More than half use their grills often, all year round. Why is grilling on the rise? One reason is that it can speed up and simplify meal planning and preparation- a big plus for today's busy households. Betty Crocker s Great Grilling makes grilling easier than ever by offering do-ahead marinades, easy preparation techniques, and tips for quick clean-up. Best of all, it offers at-a-glance timetables for meat, poultry, and vegetables designed to guarantee grilling success. Another reason for grilling's growing popularity is its versatility. In Betty Crocker's Great Grilling, there are recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even dessert! Betty Crocker's trusted kitchen knowledge makes grilling easy and delicious for any weekday or holiday.