White Flower Farm

Rosy Glow Perennial & Shrub Garden, Perennials

Create a lively color symphony with our vibrant, pink-hued ensemble that dazzles in late summer and lingers well into fall. Our medley includes compact Hydrangea Little Quick Fire, long-flowering Sedum ‘Autumn Joy,’ butterfly-favorite Chelone ‘Hot Lips,’ and elegant Anemone ‘Pretty Lady Diana.’ Covers approximately 50 sq ft and includes a total of 10 plants. Quantity of each plant is shown in parentheses below. Hydrangea paniculata Little Quick Fire (PP 25,136) (1) Chelone lyonii 'Hot Lips' (3) Sedum 'Autumn Joy' (3) Anemone hupehensis 'Pretty Lady Diana' (PP 22,332) (3) Hardiness Zone:5,6,7,7S,7W,8,8W Height:18-60" Ships as:VARIABLE COLLECTION