White Faux Taxidermy

Mini Faux Unicorn Head Wall Mount Sculpture, Silver

The Binx Unicorn Head Wall MountMeasurements:- 10" tall- 3.75" wide- 5.5" deepWeight:- 1.5lbs- Each unicorn head is cast out of a Polynesian material, thus making the unicorn wall sculpture fairly light in weight.Hanging Instructions:- Use a monkey hook, strong nail or screw when hanging your new faux unicorn head wall mount- The unicorn staff (alicorn) is removable to save space in shipping- Glue the staff in place with super glue before hangingMore Information:- Each unicorn mount is custom painted so each one is a unique piece of mounted wall decor.- The colors presented are representational only and should not be used to judge actual faux animal sculpture color 100%.