When Travelmate Soothing Mask

When Travelmate Soothing Mask. A post-travel rejuvenating sensation! Use When Travelmate when you're ready to hit the road Dry skin after flying? Exhausted from jetlag? Scared of what's lurking in the mirror after a road trip? Travel takes a tool on your skin - leaving it fatigued and tired. The When Travelmate Face Mask takes the turbulence out of your jetsetting skin, so that your face is ready for the ultimate beauty landing. When Travelmate is a high-quality bio-cellulose mask with sheet made from coconuts. Each gentle mask effectively transfers the serum to your skin, resulting in instant hydration and rejuvenation. The mask sheet is infused with light, non-greasy, non-sticky serum composed of sodium hyaluronate and ginseng extracts that help keep skin healthy, saccharide isomerate to help skin hold on to moisture, chamomile and Swiss Alpine herb extracts to help soothe skin. When Travelmate is the perfect carry-on for facial pampering on the go. This easy to apply, simple to use face mask is ready for your skin at any given moment. Begin with clean and dry skin, then open the pouch and remove paper and plastic and place mask directly on face. Remove and discard after 30 minutes. No need to rinse. Massage remaining product into face and neck - resulting in radiant skin. The next time your travel, exhaust sightseeing your landmark list - not your skin. Pack your bags with When Travelmate mask. Leave jet lag at the gate with When Travelmate