WG Wood Products

Cimarron Frameless Recessed Medicine Cabinet, 14"x24"x3.5", White Enam

Recessed in the wall between studs! Easy installation. Simply screw it to the studs on each side once you insert it in the wall. Three fully adjustable acrylic shelves. Concealed hinges with soft close built in! Door is left undrilled for a knob or handle so you can mount it to open either direction. Door measures 25.5h x 15.5w and the box is 3.5d and the door covers the entire trim surround when the door is closed and only projects about 1 inch from the wall. White enamel finish. Solid Maple Double Villa Bead style door. Proudly made in sunny Sarasota Florida. Typically, you will have 14.5" between studs (16" on center) but this cabinet only requires an opening in your wall of 14 1/4w x 24 1/4h. Thin plastic trim surround on the cabinet box covers your rough opening drywall edges so the only thing on the outside surface of your wall is the door itself!