Wellslock Classic 1-Lock 22-Piece Food Storage Container Deluxe Pack

Get hassle-free, leak-proof food storage with this set of 1-lock containers and lids from Wellslock. The containers' unique design features a single latch-lid with an airtight seal that's great for storing just about everything, including liquids like soups and sauces. The simple, stackable design has only one lock for efficient, compact and side-by-side storage. Made of clear, BPA-free thermoplastic, the containers allow you to easily view the contents. Plus, this set is resistant to shattering, stains and odors. Safe for use in your microwave, freezer or dishwasher. Simple, stackable storage made easy.Specifications2 square containers with lids, 8 fl. oz.1 one square container with lid, 10.8 fl. oz.2 square containers with lids, 15.8 fl. oz.2 rectangle containers with lids, 16.9 fl. oz.1 square container with lid, 28 fl. oz.1 rectangle container with lid, 37 fl. oz.1 rectangle container with lid, 41.5 fl. oz.1 rectangle container with lid, 84.53 fl. oz.