Way to Celebrate

Way to Celebrate Fall Decorative Garland, Orange Pumpkin/Berry Cone, Set of 2

This set of two Way To Celebrate Pumpkin Garlands dresses your home up in the fall-themed way you love best: all natural. Its gorgeous leafy build is made with vibrant orange, red and yellow colors that add to the overall autumn vibe you have established in your home. As the leaves start falling outdoors, you can symbolically place them back up by setting this garland up on your fire place mantel, on your end table, on the window sills or up on the wall where everyone can see. For something unique, hang them over a metal tree decoration to add to the festive look in your home. With two garlands to work with, this set offers a delightful piece to your home anywhere you decide to put it. Get your home ready for the harvest season with this Way To Celebrate Pumpkin Garlands, Set of 2.