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Triangles 4' L x 24" W Peel and Stick Wallpaper Tile

Triangles removable wallpaper tiles will redefine your space by adding style and definition to your walls. These tiles are perfect to create an accent wall or decorate unique items like the backs of bookshelves, school books, etc! These would work great for covering an entire wall but for large surfaces, they recommend this wall murals which come in much larger pieces. These removable wallpaper tiles are a "peel and stick" wall covering and require no paste or glue and no need to hire professional help. Installation is as simple as peeling the wallpaper from it's backing sheet and sticking it to your wall. This special self adhesive fabric material will not tear or crease and can be repositioned many times. When you are ready to remove the design, just simply peel off the wallpaper.