Volume Lighting

Volume Lighting Aria 7.5 in. Polished Nickel Sconce

Sleek transitional features epitomize this wall sconce's contemporary and traditional chic. Bubbly cupped glass shades add an adorable finishing touch. Individually handspun by master glassblowers, clear glass is crafted into a flawless cup with a delightfully smooth touch. Features spectacular clarity and maximizes light output for optimal brightness. Glass thickness and weightiness ensures long-lasting durability. Beautifully finished with polished nickel. Feel at ease with nickel's lasting quality and stunning appearance. High-quality nickel provides phenomenal durability and an attractive gleam. Hard surface provides top quality protection against scratches. Polished to a mirror shine and an immaculately smooth surface by skilled craftsmen. Easy maintenance simply clean and polish to achieve an even more lustrous shine. Outer lacquer finish provides an attractive sheen and additional layer of protection. Complements stainless-steel appliances. Accessorize with the joyful elegance of this stylish piece.