vidaXL Office Chair Modern Black Leather Upholstery Executive Seats Furniture

This black leather office chair offers high-quality workmanship which provides you excellent seating comfort and relaxation. The ergonomic design of the back and two armrests makes a relaxed sitting possible. The extra thick double seat cushion adds to the comfort and a relaxed working environment. The seat and backrest is made of high-quality leather (75% real leather), which is durable and easy to clean. There is a reinforced padded neck and head support. The armrests and base are made of plastic for supreme stability. The chair has a sophisticated tilt mechanism, adjustable to your body height. The seat height is also adjustable. Coming complete with 5 castors, the chair allows you to move around easily.Properties: *Color: Black*Material: Plastic base + leather upholstery (75% real leather)*Back material: 100% PVC*Overall dimensions: 2' 1'' x 2' 4'' x (3' 9'' - 4' 1'') (W x D x H)*Backrest height: 2' 4''*Seat dimensions: 1' 8'' x 1' 7'' (W x D)*Seat height adjustment: 1' 7'' - 1' 11''*Fabric: Leather: 75%, Cotton: 5%, Polyester: 20%