Veronese Design

Steampunk Electricity Conduit Piping Wall Clock

13.75 inches in Diameter, 2 inches WidePainted with a Metallic Finish for a Vintage LookRequires 1 AA Battery(Not Included) for Clock and 3 AA Batteries(Not Included) for Front Moving GearsRoman Numeral Style Quartz Movement ClockElaborately Designed for the Average Steampunk FanFashioned for an avid fan of the steampunk style this clock represents an elaborate conduit. Made from cast resin the pipes, gears, and metal plating's are painted with varying colors or red, brown, and brass for a vintage and metal finish. For the roman numerals on the edges of the clock the pipes are shaped out to represent each number. Place in 3 AA batteries(not included) to make the gears on the face of the clock move and 1 AA battery(not included) for the clock to function in quartz movement.