Veronese Design

Legendary King Arthur Bronzed Sculptured Statue

10 1/2 in. High, 6 in. Wide, 4 in. DeepExpertly Sculpted From Cold Cast ResinBeautiful Bronzed FinishAmazingly DetailedThe Perfect Gift for Mythology Art CollectorsKing Arthur was the son of Uther, and defeated the barbarians in dozens of battles. King Arthur stands firm wearing his armor in this depiction while he grasps his sword in one hand and holds his helmet with a perched dragon in the other. Expertly sculpted in cold cast resin with amazing detail, this 10.5 inch (27 cm) high, 6 inch (15 cm) wide, 4 inch (10 cm) deep statue has a beautiful bronzed finish with a lightly colored red tunic. Highly detailed with Celtic symbols on his cloak, sword and uniform, and a bejeweled crown, this statue will command attention and is sure to be admired!