Vermont Modern

Copernicus LED Table Lamp by Vermont Modern - Color: White - Finish: Satin White - (277830-1009)

The Copernicus LED Table Lamp by Vermont Modern features two steel rails that serve as electrical conduits, with one carrying a positive current and the other a negative one to the curved LED light source. The Vermont maple wood sphere serves as an isolator as well as adding a playful touch to the fixture. Vermont maple is also used for the round base, fitted with a touch switch dimmer. This figure includes decorative accents with plus and minus symbols. A great decorative table lamp perfect for use on desks, side tables, or bedside. Vermont Modern mixes a clean and quirky aesthetic with hand-crafted techniques and sustainable practices. All of the fixtures are made in Vermont and share the same high quality standards as parent brand, Hubbardton Forge. With a range of bold colors and sharp lines, Vermont Modern designs are contemporary and fresh. Color: White. Finish: Satin White