Vance Industries, Inc.

Vance 16 X 20 inch White with Grapevine Built-in Surface Saver Tempered Glass Cutting Board with Stainless Steel Frame | Best Kitchen Chopping Board for Food Prep | BPA-Free | Non-Porous

✔️ EXTENDS LIFE OF COUNTERTOP - Use to protect surfaces or repair damage. ✔️ NON-POROUS SURFACE - Work surface resists stains and odors. ✔️ DURABLE, SAFE, AND SIMPLE TO CLEAN - The built-in glass cutting board is extra durable, long-lasting, impact resistant tempered glass. ✔️ EXTRA SURFACE PROTECTION - Protects surfaces from heat, scratches, and condensation. ✔️ STAINLESS STEEL FRAME INCLUDED - Install directly into countertop with included frame and mounting hardware., Manufacturer: Vance Industries