#3 (2.4 Gal) - Wintergreen Boxwood (Korean) - Evergreen Shrub - Live Landscaping Plants

Feature: Uniform green foliageScientific Name: Buxus microphylla âWintergreenâUSDA Zone: 5-8 (Hardy down to -15 Â°F once established) Mature Size: 2-4 feet tall x 3-5 feet wideSun Exposure: Full Sun to Partial ShadeSoil: Well-drained garden soil with rich organic matterFertilizer: Slow-release fertilizer in Spring Water Requirement: Water 2-3 time per week until established; Afterward as neededUses: Container, Mass Planting, Hedge, Specimen, Border, Formal GardenShips From: ALApproximate Shipping Sizes:2.5 Quart - 5-7+ inches tall X 5-8+ inches wide#3 - 2.4 Gallon - 8-12+ inches tall X 12-16+ inches wide