Urban Wood Furnishings

Reclaimed Wood Desk, 2 Shelves, Wall Attach, Raw, 60"x30"

See Image 2 For Wood FinishRecycle. Restore. Recreate.This is our mission at Urban Wood Furnishings. At U.W.F quality and precision is our passion; with customer care and admiration being our number one goal. Each piece is hand crafted. Building strong quality furniture but keeping the vintage twist. Every slice of wood is salvaged, containing a special piece of American history. We are dedicated to retaining the rustic style, originality of the wood and we strive on salvaging wood carefully, so we do not change the uniqueness. We're not your average wood shop, and we're proud of that. Here wood is crafted with love and dedication, to last a lifetime. Built with sweat and strength, that's Urban Wood Furnishings way!Note: The furniture is subject to minimal assembly, it does not ship fully assembled. Hardware/screws will be included with the order. All you need is a screw driver and 10 minutes.