21" Wall Clock Umbra

A great clock that looks good and runs smoothly, adds charm and functionality to your space. For a fresh take on the traditional clock, consider this eye-catching design from Umbra. Accessorize our kitchen, living room, office, or entryway with the modern use of materials and shapes. This gorgeous clock is made from bent beech wood, in a natural finish, that has been shaped into folded ribbon shapes, with each folded ribbon representing an hour on the clock. Its contrasting minute and hour hands make it easy to tell the time. The bent wood is part of a complex process of molding bent plywood. It involves high pressure equipment, heat, special adhesives, and a lot of hands-on workmanship to ensure quality control.A Quiet, Functional Clock. This quiet clock operates on a silent sweeping quartz clock mechanism, ensuring precise and maintenance-free performance of the clock. Setting up and mounting takes only minutes. Only 1 AA battery is required and you are set! For a truly unique and eye-catching clock that doubles as wall décor, order today. Umbra