ullu UDUO2G7PL76 Premium Leather Cell Phone Case for iPhone 8/7 - Navy Blue, iPhone 7/8

ullu premium Leather cases & Accessories smoothly blend fashion and technology. Ulu protects your favorite devices from scratches, dents, scuffs, and dirt. Our products are beautifully designed and crafted in a slim profile while maintaining functionality and improving grip. Each ulu is genuinely handcrafted by a single artisan from the first cut to the final stitch, making each piece unique - just for you! Ulu is made with immense attention to details - we are quality obsessed! Precision cut openings provide unrestricted access to all the buttons and ports enhancing your experience - nothing gets between you and your device. We have travelled the world to find the best materials that go into making an ulu. Premium cow grain Leather from the rolling hills of Italy, great American Alligator Leather from the Mississippi, Stingray Leather from the shores of Thailand, and Ostrich Leather from the South African Karoo - we only use the best! Ulu is an ideal choice for the technology and fashion conscious, and also make great gifts! Our products are available in a wide variety of materials, colors, finishes and designs. Upgrade to a handcrafted genuine Leather ulu today! V