Pysanky supplies gift set Kistka beeswax dyes Ukrainian Easter egg decorating kit gift set

Very Popular for a third year best seller - Pysanky making kit, enjoy sharing with kids, grandkids, girlfriends. Awesome activities, that can be very relaxing and social. Maybe you always wanted to make Pysanky, but was afraid lines will be too crooked. No worries! I listened to my customers and came up with this kit. This kit have enough supply for 2-3 people to work for days. Great gift that keeps on giving. Make your own decorations and gifts for Easter or Mother's Day. KIT INCLUDES: ( inventory update pending photos, I have new packaging on dyes) 12 aniline dyes: 1. Canola Yellow 2. Tofino Sunset (Orange) 3 .Glowing Hearts 4 .Orca Black 5. Okanagan Wine 6 .Niagara Blue 7. Cream Soda Pink 8. Laurentian Green 9. Crown Purple 10. Glacier Turquoise 11. Borealis Green 12.Kalyna Red THREE 3 kistka tools, 3 cleaning wires 1 tealight to heat up tools 6 inspirational black postcards (my own pysanky I made them for my shop, but get ideas from my Pysanky) 3 flat colored beeswax 20gr. (color depending on current supply, but all colors are fun to work with, see photos how colored beeswax help to see design) 6 hollow chicken eggs outlined beeswax in basic lines to get you started. AMOUNT OF EGGS select at the check out, and if you need more then shown please email me. I attached photos of the Goose and chicken eggs in pencil lines, this is hard to mess up, simply open kit and start waxing eggs. NO INSTRUCTIONAL booklet in the KIT, just instruction on the dyes. I don't know your level, so I do not include instructions. Please look up basic Pysanky techniques, or you might be working with a Grandma who is a pro. Thank you